Born in Australia but influenced by the world, designer and founder Victoria Vatsilas presents The Wild Swim-a brand that encourages the wild woman to embrace and inspirit her femininity.

The word ‘wild’ means something different to everyone. To us, being wild means to be in your most natural state, and to live freely without being hindered by society’s expectations and judgements. It means to be in touch with your femininity and feeling completely comfortable in it.


All of our pieces are made by a team of absolute legends in Bali, Indonesia.

Finding an ethical manufacturer was the biggest step in the making of The Wild Swim, and we are so grateful to be working with the loveliest and most talented team who help make our designs come to life.

It is absolutely vital that our swimwear is being manufactured with the highest quality fabrics, expert craftsmanship, and most importantly sweat-shop free.

We can confirm that our manufacturers are treated fairly and get paid well over the minimum wage, get paid 13 months’ salary a year, and they receive free medical insurance for them and their families.


All of our swimwear is made using only the highest quality, eco-friendly fabrics that we could get our hands on.

Your new eco-friendly swimwear is made from a fabric that is constructed with either ECONYL® or REPREVE®, two types of regenerated material made from plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other discarded nylon waste that has been found in the ocean. This waste is renewed into a high-quality fabric that is then transformed into skimpy bikinis and durable swimsuits!

Not only are our swimsuits eco-friendly, but we also ship your order to you using a compostable mailing bag. This means that once you receive your order, you can dispose of the mailing bag by either putting it in a compost bin or ripping it up and placing it in your garden where it will decompose and turn into worm food!

To read more about sustainability and the eco-conscious efforts of The Wild Swim, click here.